Takada Industries Czech Republic s.r.o.

Takada Industries Czech Republic is a daughter company of the Japanese Takada Industry Inc. We entered the Czech market in 2002 with the goal to satisfy the growing demand of Japanese sub suppliers to the automotive industry, and build up strategic partnerships that we can utilize on the Japanese market as well as on the newly created markets throught the world.

Like the mother company we are involved in the production of injection molded plastic parts mainly for the automotive industry. Requirements for quality and inspection of products are very high in this branch, and experience of the Japanese “mother”, TQM and 5S attitude provide us with a competitive advantage on the Czech market. We have a modern plant in Louny where we use the latest technologies.

Company culture is characterized with a friendly, open and pragmatic attitude of the young team and ability to act quickly given by controlling powers of the only owner, who also holds the post of President of the company. This distinguishes TiCz substantially from other foreign investors in the CR who have more complicated controlling mechanism interlinked with their foreign “mothers”.

Company history

Mother company Takada Kougyou

  •  Founded as TAKADA INDUSTRY Ltd. in 1968 by Minoru Takada, company is placed in GIFU prefecture
  •  President and owner – Atsushi Takada
  •  Sales in 2008 - 2,800 mil. JPY

Takada’s history

  •  1968, May Foundation of Takada Kougyou.
  •  1971, September Became a limited company, Takada Industry with 1 500 000 yen capital.
  •  1977, February Introduced full automatic horizontal type injection molding machines to streamline its production and adopts TQC to strengthen.
  •  1979, April Increased capital to 6 000 000 yen.
  •  1980, February Introduced Tampo printing machines to perform  the integrated production of design parts.
  •  1982, February Company implemented system TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance).
  •  1983, September Takada Kougyou was award “Excellent Business”.
  •  1984, August Introduced thermoplastic resin molding machines to scope with the diversification of customers needs.
  •  1985, April Erected a new office building and streamlines clerical work.
  •  1986, April Extend the plant building to increase the production capacity.
  •  1991, June Introduced full automatic insert molding machines for further production rationalization.
  •  1997, August Extended the Shizu plant to secure floor space for future production increase.
  •  1998, August Atsushi Takada assumes the presidency.
  •  2001, December Introduced laser processing machines.
  •  2002, January Investment in the CR approved.
  •  2002, February Industrial zone Louny selected for a new branche.
  •  2002, September Building works initiated.
  •  2002, December Earned ISO 9001 certification(Takada Kougyou).
  •  2003, March Czech plant (TiCz) completed.
  •  2003, April Trial operation permitted.
  •  2003, December Serial production for TRCZ started.
  •  2004, May Earned ISO 9001 + 14001 certification, permit to use the plant granted.
  •  2008, August Increasing the number of machines to compensate for the loads of individual machines (Third investment in machines: Installation of eight     horizontal injection molding machines
  •  2011, August Installation of vertical injection molding machine (Fourth investment: one vertical injection molding machine + an automatic insert system)
  •  2013, June Installation of a vertical injection molding machine (Fifth investment: installation of two vertical injection molding machines)
  •  2017, July Completion of the plant construction - Phase II
  •  2017, August Installation of horizontal injection molding machines (Sixth investment in machines: installation of five horizontal injection molding machines)
  •  2018, August Installation of horizontal injection molding machines (Seventh investment in machines: installation of four horizontal injection molding machines)

Company policy

STAKEHOLDERS (Owner, employees, customers, public, suppliers, state administration)

Surety, reliability, mutual neediness, cooperation and mutual respect are on the top places of our value scale. Fulfillment of legal requirements is a must in all areas of our business. Fulfillment of requirements of all stakeholders is a priority.


Customers, real and prospective evaluate level of our work, and therefore our company focuses its activities on fulfillment of their requirements and expectations. To increase our competitiveness we try to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Our customers are not only buyers of our products and services but also our colleagues who continue in our work whether they further process our product or work with the information that we provide them.


Our employees are the most important and valuable part of our company. That is why we endeavour  to assure qualified, motivated and loyal employees, create pleasant working environment, space for self-fulfillment and participation in results of the collective effort.
We request our employees to make high-quality work, keep safety rules and cleanness and order at the working place.


The company creates plans and provides sources for realization of all processes of the management system so that requirements of all stakeholders can be fulfill. The company endeavours to increase efficiency of all processes continuously with the help of monitoring and countermeasures.
We do not support processes that do not create values or cause a loss.


Our company actively searches opportunities to improve the environmental profile of the company.
We reduce impacts of possible risks on the environment and safety of work by prediction and suitable preparation.
Communication between our company and wide public helps us cooperate on the projects that will lead towards continuous improvement of the environment.

 Intention and mission of the company

  • Continuously increase quality of deliveries to customers, and satisfy their needs in the shortest possible time.
  •  Become the best supplier of small plastic components in the automotive industry in the Czech Republic.
  •  The company binds itself to fulfill applicable legislature.


Our company produces plastic parts by injection molding. Our production portfolio is mainly focused on automotive industry with high demands for quality.

Products portfolio contains design parts as well as functional parts. Mainly we produse light and wiper levers, various buttons, covers, steering wheel parts and fuel pump parts.

In the production we use resins from producers as DUPONT, TICONA, BAYER, BASF, SABIC, DAICEL POLYMER and others. We process thermoplastic resins PA6, PA66, POM, ABS, ABS/PC, PC, TPE, PP, PBT.

Our part are used in Toyota, TPCA, Ford, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Honda cars.


Injection molding

The present production hall in Louny is prepared for 40 pcs of injection molding machines of which 39 pcs are already installed. All our machines are SUMITOMO HEAVY INDUSTRIES, their tonnage ranging from 18 up to 220 tons. Every machine is equipped with a YUSHIN pick-up robot to minimize defects caused by falling products out of the machine. All machines are only electric-driven, which means they are very quick and minimally affect the environment compared to hydraulic machines.
For material (resin) transport and blending we use MOTAN and HELIOS equipment. Mold heating is assured by HB-THERM and REGLOPLAS units.


List of Injection Molding Machines

Machine Type Clamping force (tons) Maximum shot weight (g) Number of pieces 
SE18-D (horizontal)   18  13  6
SE30-D (horizontal)  30  32  5
SE50-D/DU (horizontal)  50  61  10
SE75-D/DU (horizontal)   75  83  3
SR75-D (vertical)  75  108  1
SE100-D/DU (horizontal)  100  124  7
SE130-D/DU (horizontal)  130  193  9
SE180-D/DU (horizontal)  180  244  4
SE220-HDZ (horizontal)  220  481  3


Tampoprint is processing on the pneumatic machines TAMPOPRINT – VARIO and electric machines HERMETIK. Just now 6 pcs of printing machines are used.
A printed symbol is transferred from the cliché on the part with help of a silicone tampon. Printed symbols are annealed in the drying kiln at temperature 80 °C. Next process is visual check of the products.
Constant condition (temperature and humidity) must be kept in the tampo printing room to reach the maximal quality of printing.

Laser print

We also have a single-purpose machine for laser print of plastic parts, equipped by a LP-V15 type laser produced by SUNX.

Ultrasonic welding

We also own a sonic welder for plastic part welding from BRANSON.

Measuring, production inspection

We have a well equipped metrological laboratory. Parts are measured on 2D measuring machines as well as 3D measuring machines from MITUTOYO.

Laboratory equipment:

CNC Coordinate measuring machine Crysta Plus 544
CNC Coordinate measuring machine Crysta Plus 766
CNC Optical measuring machine Quick Vision ELF/PRO
Profile projector MITUTOYO PJ3010 F
Formtracer MITUTOYO SV-C 3000S4

To assure stable results of measuring constant conditions (temperature and humidity) are strictly kept in the laboratory.

Quality management

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards from May 2004. So far we have been successful in every year’s recertification and due to this we are able to keep a high quality level. We plan certification according to ISO TS 16949 standard in the future, which is becoming a must in the automotive industry. 


Our main customer is the Japanese company Tokai Rika (TRCZ) Lovosice. We supply plastic parts for wipers, lights and others modules to TRCZ.

Other customers are Aisan Industry Czech (AIC) from Louny and Toyoda Gosei Czech Republic (TGCZ) from Klášterec nad Ohří. For the first named we produce parts for fuel pumps, and for TGCZ we produce parts for fuel tank cups and steering wheels.
Our parts are supplied thorough these channels to TOYOTA, TPCA, FORD, VOLVO, MITSUBISHI, HONDA cars.


TiCz is very environment conscious. Pollution sources are gas boilers that are used for heating. However, these gas boilers were ranked as small sources of pollution.
We use a very few chemical substances and due this fact the amount of chemical waste is only tens of kilograms per year.
The biggest ratio of waste is made of plastics, which are however 90 % recycled by ourselves or others companies.

Contact details of Ticz

Takada Industries Czech Republic s.r.o

Průmyslová 2726
440 01 Louny
tel.: +420 415 627 800
fax: +420 415 627 810

IČO: 26690403
DIČ: CZ-26690403
Registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, Section C, File 19855.

Bank account: 78-6990610277 / 0100, KB Louny

internet: ,

GPS : 50°20'39.549"N, 13°48'58.468"E

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